North Carolina Arbitrator and Mediator

Helping businesses and individuals amicably resolve legal disputes
McCotter Ashton, P.A. is a skilled arbitrator and mediator who can help you obtain the best possible settlements while preserving your working relationship with the opposing party. Arbitration and/or mediation often provide more expedient, cost-effective results than going to trial.
McCotter Ashton, P.A. has mediation experience in cases involving:
  • Construction contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Property law
  • Tax issues
Mediating contract clauses
Often disputes arise over the meaning of a specific clause, phrase or word within a signed contract for an ongoing project. Performance on the entire site stops while parties parse phrases and haggle over the impact of choosing one side’s interpretation over the other’s. All the while, the contract loses value, and the entire deal is placed in jeopardy. A skilled mediator can guide both parties to a resolution that clarifies the contested language and preserves the contract by incorporating any changes the new understanding requires. McCotter, Ashton & Smith, P.A. has the business negotiation experience to provide the even-handed guidance that leads both sides to a lasting agreement.

Arbitrating solutions
While a mediator actively participates in discussions and attempts to influence the parties, an arbitrator is a neutral observer who listens and then renders a decision. In the case of non-binding arbitration, parties are free to reject the arbitrator’s decision and escalate the dispute to trial. In binding arbitration, both sides agree going in that they will accept whatever the arbitrator decides. An arbitrator must be someone of unimpeachable character, and must also have the business acumen to understand all the ramifications of his decision. McCotter, Ashton & Smith, P.A. brings its years of commercial law practice to bear on every arbitration. Our attorneys’ unquestioned integrity and depth of business knowledge make them the perfect choice to arbitrate your case.

Preserving relationships
Because arbitration and mediation allow for a complete airing of grievances leading to quick, cost-effective resolutions, the process often preserves working relationships that would have been irreparably harmed through expensive, time-consuming and adversarial litigation.

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